Youth Fit - June Course

DATES: June 12th & 14th 3:45pm - 4:45pm
(Participants must attend both sessions of the selected course)

COST: $40/City Resident or $50/Non-Resident

Youth Fit is an introductory fitness class for ages 11-13 that focuses on beginning an exercise program, exercise safety, gym etiquette, fitness center rules, safe lifting techniques, monitoring exercise intensity, and correct use of fitness center exercise equipment.
Once certified, youth ages 11-13 can purchase a daily pass, youth monthly membership, youth annual membership, or be apart of a family membership to use the fitness center.

Contact Mark Wilkinson for more information at [email protected]

Register in person at the Statesville Fitness & Activity Center, or you can register online at 

Statesville Fitness and Activity Center

1875 Simonton Rd, Statesville, NC 28677
Jun 12, 2023
3:45 PM EDT to 4:45 PM EDT
RSVP Required